Getting to the (meta)data by applying the Nuix Engine to the photographs and videos in your evidence set - particularly those from mobile devices - drawing a wealth of information known as "EXIF data" from those files.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to quickly show any of the images containing GPS information in order to help put the device (and therefore its owner) at a location or crime scene.
We'll also cover how you can further enrich the data processed by the Nuix Engine by utilizing several built-in technologies, including:
- Skin tone analysis. Automatically identify or eliminate images based on the presence of skin tone present.
- Facial identification. Identify persons of interest through cutting-edge facial identification capabilities.
- Child exploitation. Take advantage of Microsoft's donated PhotoDNA engine, which helps to fight the horrendous creation and distribution of indecent images of children through the amazing work of organizations such as Project VIC.
- Deep learning. Use a neural network trained with over a million images that can classify pictures into categories like paper, rock, scissors...or categories more relevant to criminal investigations, such as guns, drugs, knives, etc.

Mon, June 08, 2020
10:00 AM EST