Nuix Discover SaaS has revolutionized how legal teams perform eDiscovery. In addition to the reduction in IT costs, seamless upgrades, and improved usability, this deployment option makes it easy to try and evaluate competing solutions! After several years of providing trials (supervised and unsupervised) of Nuix Discover, Emily Tice, Vice President of Customer Experience and Matthew Geaghan, Head of Legal Sales, know how organizations can get the most out of their trial experience.

In this webinar they will cover:

  • Preparing for the trial
  • The Nuix Discover SaaS UI
  • How to look at your first assignment
  • How to search and browse the data
  • Favorite review features
  • How to visualize data with Document Mapper
  • The most frequently asked questions before, during, and after a trial.
Wed, September 02, 2020
1:00 PM EST
Presented By
Emily Tice

Emily Tice

Vice President, Customer Experience
Matthew Geaghan

Matthew Geaghan

Head of Legal Sales