The Nuix Engine is used around the globe on a daily basis to process, normalize, search, analyze and export all manner of data across the 10 dimensions of data. The Nuix Engine powers eDiscovery, investigations, and GRC use cases where organizations with large volumes of opaque data need to make quick and informed decisions.

Most of this work is done in big batches, but what if you needed to search in real-time or you had some data that you wanted searchable alongside all of the rest of your data.? What if you really wanted to do some cool analytics in AWS but still needed to see those items in the context of all the surrounding data?

Come and hear about how you can think about “bending the Engine” to solve new and different use cases with the Nuix Engine with Nuix’s Global CTO, Stephen Stewart.

Thu, May 27, 2021
10:00 AM EST
Presented By
Stephen Stewart

Stephen Stewart

Chief Technology Officer