Join Information Governance ANZ and Nuix to discuss how your organisation can implement robust information governance frameworks, policies and standards to meet regulatory, legal, risk and operational requirements and leverage data for real-time decision making.

This is an invitation only event. If you have not received an invitation from Information Governance ANZ or Nuix, please contact the event organisers before registering.

Event details:

Date: Friday 30 July, 2021
Time: 12pm - 2.00pm
Location: The Boat House - Grevillea Park, Menindee Drive, Barton ACT


During the event, you will meet leading senior executive and leading and we encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences on topics such as:

  1. How certain are you that you know where all private and regulated data and information is stored across your organisation? Can you say for sure who has access to it and whom they’re sharing it with?  
  2. How do you propagate a governance and risk intelligence culture across your organisation? Are your employees the biggest risk?
  3. What happens if your organisation suffers a data breach? What are the implications and data remediation involved?
  4. You have started the journey to get better control of data across your organisation – what’s next? How do you stay on the right track and comply with new regulations? Does your organisation have the right data and information security and governance capabilities to meet its business and strategic requirements?
Fri, July 30, 2021
12:00 PM AEST

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